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My Vision

My vision is based on the four C’s:

Cooking & Cuisine

Cooking is fun. Everyone can do it. This class is a perfect opportunity to practice the basics or learn something new about cooking and food preparation. French, American, Turkish, Thai, Czech and more. Everyone loves to eat great food from around the world. This class will provide international recipes (new or variations on old ones) and easy-to-prepare methods to help you learn how to cook if you are a beginner or how to improve old dishes with a new twist if you are more advanced.


Most students can easily do simple book exercises. But how about something harder? Cooking in the kitchen allows student to use their English in a real world situation which they are able to use in their everyday lives on vacation, or talking with a colleague from a foreign country. Non-native English speakers who are bored with the traditional classroom learning environment and want to do something more hands on with their language development now will have a chance to practice their English skills in the kitchen.


Speak. Speak. Speak. Small class size is essential to the course. It allows students more opportunity to talk with a native English speaker. Also, for shy students, who don’t like to talk in front of large groups of strangers, this intimate environment gives them a chance to produce in a more relaxed setting. Students from any age group and background (children, teens, house wives, business men, retirees) will be able to enjoy this fun food experience.

Cooking bio

I’ve been living in Prague (off and on) since 1998. During the time, I’ve become a successful EFL instructor. Besides the Czech Republic, my classroom experience includes working in Auckland, NZ and Santiago, Chile. The age range of my students is nine to forty five. With my educational background, I have a Master’s Degree in TESOL.

During my travels, I have taken cooking classes in the US, Chile, Thailand, Turkey, and the Czech Republic.

My belief is to truly know a country, you must experience its food culture.


What are the benefits of my classes?
This class is one of a kind, inspired by my own teaching experience in the language and cooking schools. I created this program with my students. There is no class like this in Prague which has English used in only a functional role to help students with their language skills.

Normally you have to attend two different classes to practice cooking and learning a language. But, now you can do both together in one and for a reasonable price. 

You can practice your communicative skills, learning the English names of the ingredients and utensils. Then, students will use this new vocabulary to prepare and cook four new dishes. In my class, students can improve their knowledge of cooking methods and preparation techniques.

These classes are small (4-6 people) and let everyone get involved actively in both cooking and practicing vocabulary. Students can produce more spoken English in a more intimate environment, and raise their confidence in the process. The added bonus is that students will work with a certified and experienced Native speaking EFL teacher.

So, I hope you will come out and share your love of food.
Have a look at our new video ad that proves we at Cooking With Tim have always fun.


Course Calendar

Menu Calendar.

Valentine's offer: Cooking lesson in English

Looking for an original gift?
Do you want to help someone cook better?

And do you have an interest to improve your English?

Buy a gift certificate for a mini-cooking class.
Menu choices include: Gado Gado, Pad Thai, Nasi Goereng,and Larb.

You can choose from the following courses:

1) Gado Gado – Indonesian salad with steamed vegetables, hard-boiled egg and peanut sauce.

2) Larb – a minced meat salad from Laos.

3) Pad Thai - fried rice noodles with meat and vegetables, seasoned with lime juice and chopped peanuts. Optionally, a vegetarian version with tofu.

4) Nasi Goereng - fried rice with vegetables, soft boiled eggs and chicken.

800 kč per person – 2 hours


Cooking lesson for kids

February Dates:  

Ages 6-11 years old
Sign up for "Spanish Breakfast" with Tim
Menu: Spanish Omelette, Breakfast smoothie, Banana Muffins
Date: Saturday April 25th
Time: 9:30-11:30 am
Cost: 899 kc
Address: Fastrackids, V Hurkách 2145, Prague 5
Contact Information:        


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Price List

Class price includes the cost of ingredients for meals. The students will prepare the main dish. If students are unable to finish their meals, they will be able to take any extra food with them.

The class is two hours total. The price includes the  sixty minutes towards meal preparation, cooking, and food discussion. The remaining time covers the cost of a 60 minute fluency class with a native English speaker.  During the lesson, the students will get feedback on their communicative skills.


These people have enjoyed cooking lessons with Tim.
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I enjoyed the class very much because I was learning to cook and speaking English at the same time. And as a special bonus, I went home well fed after having fun time with new acquaintances.

Irena, Prague
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Hodinu jsem si moc užila, protože jsem souběžně mluvila anglicky a učila se vařit. A ještě jsem se dobře najedla a strávila příjemný čas s novými lidmi.

Irena, Prague

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